Whether you are looking for traditional tax incentives or innovative exemption opportunities, North Dakota has a lot to offer. Learn more about the variety of tax exemptions, incentives, credits and refunds offered across our tax types. 

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Requirements for Exemption and Credit Recipients

For more information about clearance requirements for each North Dakota exemption or credit, see Guideline - State and Local Tax Clearance Requirements.


Tax Compliance Requirement

Recipients of North Dakota tax incentives and exemptions must remain compliant with all state and local tax responsibilities and tax liens owed to the state or a political subdivision.

  • A taxpayer may be required to obtain a Property Tax Clearance Statement before claiming a North Dakota tax incentive.
  • Before a city or county may grant a local tax incentive, the taxpayer applying for the incentive may have to obtain a State Tax Clearance Statement and a Property Tax Clearance Statement. Incentive application forms will provide guidance on any clearance statements needed.

Property Tax Clearance Record Form

State Clearance Record Form

Request for Renaissance Zone Certificate of Good Standing

Century Code Reference: N.D.C.C. § 57-01-15.1.

Notice of Disclosure to Legislature

The Office of State Tax Commissioner is required by law to disclose the amount of any tax deduction or credit claimed or earned by a taxpayer upon written request from the chairman of the North Dakota Legislative Management or any standing committee chair of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. The taxpayer's name, social security number or federal employer identification number, or any other information specifically prohibited from being disclosed under North Dakota tax law remains confidential and will not be disclosed. 

Century Code Reference: N.D.C.C. § 57-01-02.