We’re happy to provide information and tips for tax professionals. If you have specific questions regarding your clients’ taxes or notice other ways our office can help you, please contact us.

Laws and Regulations

A list of laws related to taxes with links to the North Dakota Century Code and a list of administrative rules also connected to taxes are available on the ND Laws and Regulations page.


Legislative Update

Updates regarding law changes and other information from Legislative Sessions are found in our Tax and Legislative Changes information.


The IRS provides information and training opportunities. Visit the IRS Practitioner Video Archives for videos on many different tax topics. To find contacts at the IRS, see Stakeholder Liaison Local Contacts.


More cybercriminals are targeting tax professionals. Because of this, data breaches have increased in number and scope. Thieves often use stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns. As a tax preparer, you play a critical role in protecting your clients’ data.

To protect you and your clients from data breaches, you should:

  • Think twice before opening links in emails or responding to requests for information.
  • Assure taxpayer data, including data left on hardware and media, is always secure.
  • Require strong passwords - including letters, numbers, and symbols - on all computers and tax software programs.
  • Use caution when granting remote access to your systems.
  • Safeguard your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN).
  • If you experience a data breach, alert the IRS and state agencies in every state you prepare returns.

The IRS shares additional information regarding Data Thefts and Protecting Client Tax Information that may be helpful for tax professionals.

Contact the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner if you believe your clients’ information has been stolen, including when and how you found out about the data breach. Fraud and ID theft information specific to individuals and businesses is also available on the Office of State Tax Commissioner’s website.