North Dakota participates in the Internal Revenue Service’s Federal/State Modernized E-File program. This allows you to file and pay both your federal and North Dakota income tax return at the same time.

No matter what method you use to file – tax preparer, software you purchase, or one of the Free-File options, here are a few things to know:

  • Direct Deposit - Use direct deposit for a safe, secure method of receiving your refund.

  • Return Payments - If you owe money, you can make or schedule a payment when you file your return, so you can reap the benefits of filing early while enjoying the flexibility of making the payment on a date of your choosing up to the due date of your return.

  • Amending a Return - Taxpayers can now amend their return electronically. 

  • Estimated Payments - Taxpayers can also schedule estimates when the e-file their return. This information must be included when you submit your return, and we will debit the account on the dates you specify.

  • Supporting Documents - If you are able, attach PDF copies of supporting documentation (only those items not required to be entered into the program). Doing so may help us process your return without requesting additional information.

If you file your return and did not submit payment for a balance due, you may use the below to make a payment.

Make a Payment