Income and property tax incentives are available to taxpayers for engaging in qualifying zone projects or for investing in a renaissance fund organization set up to provide financing to projects in a North Dakota renaissance zone. A zone project generally consists of a purchase, lease, or improvement to real estate located in the zone.

A renaissance zone is a designated area within a city that is approved by the North Dakota Department of Commerce Division of Community Services. For a listing of cities with Renaissance Zones, see the City Contact List. Contact the local zone authority to find out what the city’s Renaissance Zone plan allows.

Guideline - Renaissance Zone Tax Incentives

Renaissance Zone Forms:

Taxpayers who have qualified for an income tax deduction or credit must complete Schedule RZ for the applicable tax year and attach it to their tax return.

Filing Requirements:

Complete and attach Schedule RZ to the North Dakota income tax return. Information from the final zone project approval letter will be needed to complete Schedule RZ. A copy of the final zone project approval letter must be attached to Schedule RZ. If a taxpayer did not receive a copy of the letter or misplaces it, the taxpayer must contact the local zone authority to obtain one.

Century Code Reference: N.D.C.C. ch. 40-63