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Tax Commissioner Brian Kroshus has announced the extended application deadline of March 31, 2024, for the Homestead Property Tax Credit program.

Eligible North Dakotans may qualify for a property tax credit through the Homestead Property Tax Credit program which reduces the homeowner’s taxable value depending on the homeowner’s income. The previous application deadline was February 1.

“The extension of March 31, 2024, gives ample opportunity for eligible residents to apply for the credit and submit the completed form to their respective county or city,” stated Commissioner Kroshus. “The intent is to make the process more user-friendly from a timing standpoint and ensure households eligible to apply, have the ability to take advantage of the program.”  

This past legislative session the maximum allowed income level was increased from $42,000 to $70,000 and the maximum reduction of the homeowner’s taxable value was modified from $5,625 to $9,000. These legislative changes expanded the program allowing more residents to qualify while increasing the credit amount.  

The Homestead Property Tax Credit requirements include:

  • 65 years of age or older in the year for which the application is made;
    Permanent and total disability (proof of disability must be established).
  • Own and occupy the property listed on the application.
  • Have an income less than $70,000.

Commissioner Kroshus encourages North Dakota homeowners to view the specific eligibility requirements at www.tax.nd.gov/homestead.

“During the past legislative session as part of a broader tax-relief package, the credit was significantly expanded to reach more property owners than in previous years,” Kroshus said. “The program is specifically designed to lessen the property burden for seniors and disabled individuals, many who are on fixed incomes.” 

For more information on North Dakota tax-related programs, please visit the Office of the State Tax Commissioner’s website at tax.nd.gov.

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