Each county, city, and township provide an annual report on funding and expenditures related to transportation projects and programs to the Tax Commissioner. The report must be submitted within 90 days after the close of a calendar year. The reports contain the beginning balance, revenues by major source, expenditures by major category, the ending balance, and any other information requested by the Tax Commissioner. A township may provide a copy of the appropriate annual township financial report that was provided to the county as the annual report.

To Submit the Report

The report is submitted online using North Dakota Taxpayer Access Point (ND TAP). To log in, use the username and password provided by your entity’s membership association. You may print or save an electronic copy for your records after you have completed and submitted the electronic report.

While ND TAP is the most efficient way to complete the report, the report can also be submitted by Excel or PDF files. If the report is completed this way, please email it to