Income Tax Withholding - FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I file a return in ND TAP?

A: When you log into ND TAP, you will be directed to your Home page. From your Home page, select the account number you want to file a return for by clicking on the blue “Account ID” link.  

Once you click on the “Account ID” link, the Account page containing account information and a list of available filing periods will be displayed. Locate the desired return period and click on the blue period link. Go to the “I Want To” section on the Period page and click the “file, amend, or print a return” link. 

Follow the steps to complete the return. Once the return is submitted, a summary page will be displayed. If there is a balance due for the return, you will be prompted to make a payment. 

Q: Can I test my file with the agency to ensure the process for electronically uploading our files is working? 

A: Yes, we have tool in ND TAP. Visit the 1099 & W2 Testing.  

Q: What if I have a problem logging into my withholding account? 

A: Below the login and password box are links to click if you forgot your password or ND TAP logon. An email will be sent to the email address on file for your TAP logon. Remember, for security reasons the login and password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as you registered. 

If you don’t receive this email, please contact us by phone at 701-328-1257 or email at

Q: Can I manually enter Forms 1099-MISC? 

A: Yes, you can manually enter the information returns through ND TAP.

Q: How long are confirmation numbers available in ND TAP?

A: Confirmation numbers will always be available in TAP, meaning you can always view old submissions from the “submissions” tab in TAP. The confirmation numbers are needed if you would ever need to contact us regarding an uploaded file. These confirmation numbers are your record that a request was submitted (Ex. Return was made, payment was submitted, etc.).

Q: When the file is submitted, do we receive notification that it has been processed?

A: When a file is uploaded via our ND TAP system you will receive a confirmation number immediately, this does not indicate your file was accepted, only that the file was received. Overnight, we will process the files and you will be notified if the file was submitted with errors. You will not be notified if the file had no errors.

  • If you sent the file through ND TAP, you will receive a notice through ND TAP Messaging. The message will be sent to the ND TAP user who submitted the request. (When a message is received by a user, an email is sent to the user notifying them they have a new message.) 
  • If you sent the file through email, you will be notified by email if there was an error with the file.