2021 Income Tax Forms & Instructions


Over 480,000 individual income tax returns were filed in North Dakota for tax year 2020. Over 90% were filed electronically! Remember, E-Filing is fast, safe, and easy!

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Tax Day 2022

Tax Day for individual income tax filers is April 18, 2022. Emancipation Day is a federal holiday recognized on April 15 this year; the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner aligns with the IRS's due date of April 18. This includes the first quarter’s Form ND-1ES, which is also due on April 18, 2022. 


Current Tax Year - 2021 Forms & Instructions

  • Form ND-1PRV - Paper Return Voucher -
    • Include with mailed payments on paper returns. Make an electronic payment instead, see Make a Payment.

Additional Individual Income Tax Forms for 2021

  • Form ND-1V - Electronic Return Payment Voucher 
    • Include with mailed payments on electronically filed returns. Make an electronic payment instead, see Make a Payment.
  • Schedule ME - Credit for Wages Paid to Mobilized Employee
  • Schedule ND-1CS - Calculation of Tax proceeds from Sale of Income Tax Credit

Guideline: Adjustment for Income (Loss) From An S Corporation Electing to be Taxed as a C Corporation

This guideline is for individuals who may need to make an Adjustment for Income (Loss) From A Passthrough Entity Subject to N.D.C.C. ch. 57-35.3.